Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going ga ga over Psychiatry

It's been an insane 6 weeks in this lunatic posting! There are so many funny & interesting characters that we see in the wards, I think the doctors & nurses on duty there must be so entertained everyday.

We've met people who claimed lots of things: from a lecturer which hails from Egypt, to being the latest prophet from God; and even someone who lie on the bed as if she was lying on a couch, and refused to speak to us until we say, "Ampun Tuanku, boleh patik tanya beberapa soalan?"

And then there are people who are so cute, repeating everything we say, like:
Me: Mak cik tinggal mana? Kuala Terengganu?
Pt: Kuala Terengganu
Me: Atau Ajil?
Pt: Ajil

Me: *Sweat*

Of course we had our fair share of scare, when one of them came in & suddenly grabbed my friend's hand, and later on grabbed me by the neck. Thank God we were able to run away before I get squashed between those powerful hands.

It was definitely an eye-opener to the world of mental health, as it is not merely confined to those whom we see or call as 'crazy'. See, we've always thought of mental illness as those who come with full fledged abnormal behavior, those who talk & laugh to themselves, those who are in straight jackets for being aggressive.. yada yada. Little did we know that all of us, given the right stressors and circumstances in life, and based on our own personalities; actually have the potential to have some psychiatric disorder =S

I think that I myself have the obsessive-compulsive trait (not OCD, it's a milder form!) because I feel that there are times when I'm preoccupied with orderliness, perfectionism, and control. Lol.

Oh, as much as I enjoyed it, am I not glad that this posting is over, because if I were to stay there any longer I might just end up there permanently. The last day in the Psychiatric Ward, I was so stressed with the fact that I lost my log book (a book where we record all the patients that we've seen) which we were supposed to pass up in two days! I was so depressed I could really voluntarily admit myself. Thank God I was able to get a new one and complete it on time =)

In conclusion, don't neglect your mental health, or we might just see you in there!

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